Stable, experienced, certified, responsible, approaching their clients personally and completing the contracts precisely – this is KPassemblies.


Company politics

KPassemblies is obliged to perform their work professionally and according to settled procedures that are required by the large sub-suppliers. We strictly follow both quality matters and procedures and we meet deadlines of assemblies. These conditions create an integral part of company politics as well as dealing with customers, sub-suppliers or material suppliers. Our gained trade name is based on all parts mentioned above.


KPassemblies have been repeatedly getting orders as a result of consistency and quality, which is highly valuated on fast developing market of assembly work. KPassemblies is also involved in service work for previous orders and we certainly appreciate any contact with our former customers. The main KPassemblies’ aim of all orders is the customer satisfaction which is a reliable sign of a quality and completed order.






on the market

Story & vision

We know where we are heading

Founding the company

The founders Ondřej Klatt and Jakub Pokorný started their individual activity in an assembly field in 2004. The experience and knowledge have been gained and developed in eastern and western Europe ever since. Managing work teams and assembling complicated rack systems was an integral part of improvement, not only for business but also for working processes. Acquired knowledge and experience were fully used in 2008 when the above mentioned people established the company KPassemblies.

From 2008

The beginning of the company went along with a frequent cooperation with big sub-suppliers such as Jungheinrich. That company expressed their interest in creating special framework agreement based on quality and advance work performance. The agreement contains a close cooperation but also strict insurance requirements for assembling and for business activities as well. Experienced launch on the western market assured regular company functioning and fulfilling orders of our western clients.

Future intentions

As it was mentioned before, the top quality company strictly keeps precise and successful company politics as a base for further development. The big companies have attempts and encouragement to boost the KPassemblies as we have recently noticed. A modern and flexible company such as KPassemblies is opened to new ideas and novelties. We would be more than happy to take a part in your projects.


Full insurance

liability insurance and law guarantee

Insurance higher than it is usual

As the company KPassemblies is originally and still fundamentally focused on assembly work performed exclusively abroad, it was necessary to adapt the content and amount of insurance coverage to internationally recognized and respected limit, which forms the basic pillar of Kpassemblies insurance.

Our company can freely go in for any orders made by big rack systems producers thanks to liability insurance and its amount of indemnity. Those large companies, such as the major rack systems producer Jungheinrich, insist on certain level of liability insurance and its amount of indemnity which is settled in the framework agreement that KPassemblies has had since beginning of its existence.

Based on facts mentioned above, all our assemblies are covered by the liability insurance which is much higher than most of our customers ask for.

KPassemblies can state information concerned financial standing of detailed liability insurance and its level only to its possible customers — contact us.

Legal protection DAS

Due to increasing market requirements and in attempt to maintain above-standard services over a long period, our company KPassemblies proceeded to make the second pillar of financial and law security for contracts in all their entirety therefore we concluded legal protection insurance at the world icon DAS. KPassemblies consider the combination of above mentioned pillars to be a major quality guarantee including total legal security.